Pheasant Hunt

It’s pheasant hunt with dogs south of Phoenix (Eloy), Arizona, USA

In this episode Aldon and Sid are about an hour and a half drive outside of Phoenix, hunting pheasant and chukar with working pointer dogs. On this hunt Aldon was using his Browning over under shotgun and Kent number 6’s for shooting pheasant on the farmland with the aid of pointer dogs. After shooting his limit of pheasant the focus turned to hunting the infamous chukar.

On the chukar hunt Aldon switches to a lighter grain of ammo. The choice of shot gun shells was the Kent 7.5 grain as this is used for hunting the smaller bird (chukar). After Aldon and Sid had reached their daily limit of bird, the dogs were watered down and the day’s hunt of organic pheasant and chukar were defeathered and cleaned for the barbeque.



Once the birds had been spatch-cocked Aldon used a dry marinade rub that consists of pepper, salt, coriander, brown sugar and chilli. He then coated the pheasant in a Caribbean jerk sauce before vacuum packing and leaving them to marinade for five hours.


The spatch-cocked chukar is infused with a dry rub consisting of pepper, salt, coriander, brown sugar and chilli. A garlic herb with lime marinade is added. This also gets vacuum packed and is left to marinade for five hours.

The cooking process
The birds with the infused spices and marinade are then cooked on the medium heat barbeque and basted with the leftover marinade. Five minutes prior to coming off the coals, the birds receive their final basting.

Serving suggestion
The birds can be served with a fresh green organic salad consisting of cos lettuce, mange tout, watercress, cocktail tomatoes and fresh basil infused with a lemon and olive oil dressing.

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Alternative recipe for Chukar or pheasant

Chukar with Cabbage and Chestnuts

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