Keenan's Bronze Whaler

What a catch!

In early October, myself and two other mates decided to take a trip to the Transkei, Coffee Bay area. It’s a place I personally had never visited prior to this trip so it was one I was super keen for. During the ten days we were there for, we did everything from throwing plugs for Garrick to throwing and sliding baits for any grey shark/ dusky sharks in the area or even a hammer. With no bigger fish on the bite and having only caught a few smaller hammerheads, the last day of our trip soon approached. The weather that day was pearler with flat seas and sunny skies.

A welcome surprise after braving heavy winds, torrential downpour, and the clay like mud because of the downpour the entire trip. Having not caught any decent fish on the trip yet, I decided to drone out a big bait in the hopes of a PB and boy did I get one! After an hour of the bait sitting in the water, the rod flew out of the rod spike, and I found myself scaling down the rocks to grab the rod before it flew into the ocean. Once the fish was hooked, I fought it down the point and around the right-hand side to a bay, a good 2km walk before we managed to land her after about a 45-minute fight. A decent 140kg Bronze whaler shark. A first for me of this species and a current PB as well. The highlight of my trip and made the trip well worth it!
Tackle used: Penn international lever drag, 100lb grinder braid, Poseidon HMG 12oz, 14/0 BKK monster circle and Sportex Big Game Leader.

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