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MajorCraft Jig Para SLOW

The MajorCraft JIGPARA SLOW has a specially designed oval-shaped body that lets it slash in high pitch and fall slowly like a leaf. And the centre is balanced at a little toward the rear so it stays in the right stance to be casted long. 2 assist hooks on the front and 1 single assist hook are assembled to be ready to use.

MajorCraft Jig Para ( aka Slim / Long)

The MajorCraft JIGPARA has the ultimate casting distance and can correspond to various actions. The compact body shape helps to provide you with the best casting distance. The shape helps to control the friction as well while jerking against water. Its centre balance design triggers the fishes predatory nature and it’s easy to use. Featuring a front Japanese Single Assist hook with tinsel and a rear Japanese Treble Hook. You’ll be able to target various fish – Yellowtails, Bonito, Dorado, Garrick , Snoek , Small Tuna, Mackerel, Seabass & etc.

  • Now available in the new LIVE SERIES Weights from 20 , 30 , 40 , 50 and 60g
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