When running out of ice is not an option

Evakool IceKool cooler boxes are designed and tested in Australia to withstand and operate in the harshest of conditions and are available locally from Evakool South Africa.

Love of the outdoors and camaraderie around a braai are synonymous with the South African lifestyle but until 1994, one important ingredient was missing on any extended trip away from home or lazy afternoon braai : a cooler box that would retain ice for days as opposed to the few hours that the traditional plastic cooler box offered.

Regarded as pioneers in the cooler box industry, EvaKool continues to set the benchmark in design, development and performance of cooler boxes.

EvaKool offers a comprehensive range of products designed to help you enjoy our great country. Maybe time to have a look at our range and get out there and explore South Africa and forge new friendships around a fire…. with Evakool.

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