If getting the edge with your fishing is important, a great drone can be your best companion.

Cuta Copter

Your drone can scout potential fishing sites and help you identify the perfect spot to set up. Use it to find out where the banks are and the best spots to drop your bait or where to drop your lure for retrieval. Sometimes casting to where you want is just out of reach your drone can help you get to those inaccessible places.

This is where you get to enjoy the thrill of fishing along with the enjoyment of flying. If you love both flying drones and angling, the Cuta Copa doesn’t get any better than this. Their range have a long battery life, quality inbuilt cameras, good distance range and sufficient payload limit of 2 – 4 kgs and made in South Africa #LocalIsLekker

For beginners we recommend:

For advanced fishers we recommend:

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