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Cob are ultimately one of the top species targeted in South Africa with artificial lures and the Clone Lure has proven time and again to get that trophy Cob.

Adin Jeenes got into contact with me via our web page He was asking how does this lure work? What is the best retrieve?  What are the Cobs favourite Colours? He said he bought a few from Plett Sports along the Garden Route. I gave him a heads up on Colours that best worked for us in the Eastern Cape, Pink being my favourite. The guys in the Eastern Cape also like the Red Head. We have caught plenty of cob on the Green Mackerel as well.  Adin made use of the Online Store,  and bought a few colours that the other local shops did not stock.

On the 21 March 2020 I was in Sedgefield with his Order, to save on transport costs, and met him at 2pm at Swartvlei Beach parking lot. We chatted briefly and discussed a few fishing tactics. He said he would send photos of his catches later that evening. True to his word, that evening, he sent photos of 2 beautiful cob. One cob of 20 kilos and one of 28 kilo’s. (these were caught on the Blue Mackerel Colour) 

The next evening (Sunday) I received some more photos of his catches. This time the cob of 15 kilos. The Following evening (Monday) I received more photo’s, with a cob of 36 kilos and 29 kilo’s and his mate got one of 128cm. All these fish were released. (these were caught on the Pink Mackerel Colour) What prize fish to catch just before the “Lockdown”

Guys and Girls, please let’s all play our part to release these beasts back into the ocean. 

“A farmer never kills his best Old Ram and Ewe, he keeps them for future fortune. (Lamb is always best). Same principle in fishing, the smaller fish always taste better.”

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