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Herewith a list of other industry related marketing offers which will emphasise the unparalleled exposure CatchCook can offer:

Online Mags


0 K
unique online readers and daily content

Salt Fishing South Africa

PDF magazine with no public stats available

Anglers Talk

PDF magazine with no public stats available

YouTube Channel


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subscribers since 2019


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subscribers since 2011

Traditional Mags

Stywe Lyne

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printed units per month

Go Fish

printed units every 2nd month

Skiboat Magazine

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printed units every 2nd month

Our Rates and Packages

One Standard Ad Placement

Bring your brand to life with images, videos and an article.
R 6000 Once-off
  • Homepage headline article
  • SEO Page Link
  • Click throughs

Website Banner Ads

Daily content to promote your business
R 3500 p/banner per month
  • 90K+ unique readers
  • High Visibility
  • Links to your own website
  • Select optional sizes and placements

Sponsored Videos

Minimum of 5 videos
R 5000 per video
  • Energetic intro and exit
  • "This video is brought to you by..."
  • 20K views in days
  • Immediate conversions

E-commerce Product Listing

List your product on our online store
R - Commission based earnings
  • List your exciting product
  • Lifestyle, Adventure or Cooking
  • Dropshipping capability
  • Boosted product posts and reviews
  • Massive social media reach

Product Reviews & Unboxing

Get your product reviewed by our Primal Providers
R 15 000 per video
  • Video dedicated to your product
  • Product is used and reviewed
  • Get massive word of mouth reach
  • Boosed on all our digital channels
  • Click throughs to more info or online store

Product Placements

Get your products placed and mentioned
R 5000 per video
  • Your products mentioned and used in video
  • Massive brand reach
  • Boosted digital content
  • Mentions in paid partnership posts
  • Click through to product listed on our e-store